How to check if an HDD is ok to use?

a friend of mine asked me to check out her hdd, a 40gb WD(IDE)
she just told me to check if her hdd is ok so she can install an os.
i forgot to ask what made her think about getting it check tho..

is there a way i can check her disk w/out an actual installation of OS?

thnx in advance!
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  1. The only way I could think of, would be to hook up her hd to a running computer as a slave drive, or using a external bay for IDE drives. Both ways essentially do the same.

    Download ADRC - hd checker. Run the program, but make sure the drop down is pointed to the correct drive letter. This program checks for bad sectors on the hard drive. If any are there, it will report them in real time.

    I am not aware of any other way to check if a hd is "good," but bad sectors in a hard drive can be detrimental.

    And there is the obvious hd clicking. If you hear any repetitive clicking coming from the hd once powered on, it's a flop.
  2. Down-load the manufacturers test tool, check the SMART header for any errors (if it supports it), then run a full surface scan.
  3. ok tnx! ill get back to this thread when test the hdd.
  4. Yep. Just plug it in and use it is about all I can say. It will either work or it won't.
  5. i ran extended test and quick test.. no errors occured. does that mean its ok to use the hdd now?
  6. tnx!
  7. Seagate has an useful and free program: Seatools. It works fine with all the brands.

    An alternative is the HDtune pro 4. It´s an amazing program but the "pro" version costs some money.
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