I7 920 stock cooler vs h50 - screens

Someone has probably done this before, but I thought I would share. Installed my Corsair h50 tonight. Pretty happy with the temps.



Dropped it almost twenty degrees.

Now it's time to OC. What clock do you think I can get it to with this cooler? What is the temperature when I should call it quits?
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  1. I would aim for as high as possible. You may find it entertaining like many do to find your highest clockspeed then compare it with others. For 24/7 running, load temps should not exceed 80c.

    If your just going for a High speed screenshot then you can go all the way up to 80c idle, if your voltages arnt to dangerous at that point.

    Killer system you got there, now go in and overclock!

    When you get a personel best, make sure to submit it to me in this thread, thanks:
  2. What would make the temp so high? What does it represent?
  3. One of those screenshots is under load, one isn't?
  4. this is the case I'm using.

    Currently has all panels off and only the fan on the h50 rad pulling air in. Part I'm waiting for should be here Tuesday so I can button this thing up.

    Apartment is 73 degrees.

    The classified doesn't have any fans for the NB/SB. The newegg comments mention a way to attach a 40mm but I don't see it.
  5. Went with these:

    Nexus LED D12SL-12BL 120mm Blue LED Case Fan

    Supposed to be quiet, but with 12 we'll see.

    Waiting on a part to get here before I add everything to the case.
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