hd4670 vs hd4830 on 24in monitor

hey, i have a 24" monitor and need to upgrade video. I have a dell with a q6600, 4gb ddr2 800, 500gb hd, dvd burner. it has the g45(x4500hd graphics) chipset and i want to be able to play games with some decent visuals. Ionly have a 350w power...but given that I need to know if the hd4830 will run on the 350w supply. I know the 4670 will, but with the 24" monitor i would fare off better with a 4830 i beleive.

any advice?
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  1. extreme power calc says 294watt is enough....for a 4850 (which is about same power rating as 4830) that thing right?
  2. Get a new psu. The HD4670 is the best you're going to do on that PSU and it wont do all that well at the resolutions you'll want to use on a 24" monitor.
    Newegg has some decent deals at the moment, you shouldn't need to spend more than $30 or so for something that would do fine.
  3. Dell uses a pretty good quality Delta manufactured power supply for their systems. The 4670 uses 47w, the 9600GT 512 uses 61w, 4830 uses 85w, the 4850 uses 110w.
    I'd have no problem using the 4830 if it were my system. As with all prebuilts that don't have very good cooling, keep an eye on your temperatures. Download a hardware monitor, check temps before you add the card and monitor them after you put the card in.
  4. ^ +1
    I totally agree if it were my system i would have no worries about running a 4830 on it. As said Dell PSU's are quality solid units and plenty of people run 8800gt cards on them.
    People (and manufacturers) understandably are very cautious when either recomending supplies to people or providing specs for the cards. I just read a magazine review where they were running an overclocked Q6600, two dvd drives, two 500gb sata drives and 4gb high end Ram with a 4870. And they were testing 400 and 450 watt PSU's.

  5. Get the 4670 your 350w psu has 28amps which is plenty for a 4670.
  6. but is 28amps good enough for a 4830?
  7. I got almost the same config. in my HP: 350 psu, q6600, 2 320gbs HDD, 3 gbs Ram 667mhz and im running and HD4670 in 2 mon. main is a 22" Sceptre at 1680x1050 and a 37" Sony TV at 1920x1080 for video only and im getting frecuent blue screens (once a week or so) when running both at same time... i think is the psu cause only crash at full load. never got those when using just 1 mon. tough and i play a lot of games :)
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