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I bought a dell 530 back in 2007, I recently went to do a fresh install and I deleted the only partition on my single sata hard drive. now vista asks my for the drivers, i assume for the sata controller, and I cant find one driver for the initial install, neither foxconn or dell have any, there seems to be acouple .exe drivers for when windows is up and running. I have a Foxconn G33M02 motherboard, vista 32bit. Im at my wits end!!!
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  1. I would try a different sata port, and be sure it's set to ide in the bios. I would also try the hardrive software for setting up the drive. Sometimes this software contains a sata device driver. I use maxblast for my maxtor hardrive; seagate and western digital also have software to set up their drives. Normally, if your bios setting is "ide", vista shouldn't require any sata device drivers when you install it.
  2. my bois is set on ide, and switched sata ports, and i tried the seagate disk wizard, and it just keeps on telling me the same thing, drivers needed. do you think dell would have a driver disk for my motherboard? I just dont know what to do :(
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