I need confirmation that my GPU is broken. (and some suggestions)

I'm pretty sure that my GPU (about 3 years old geforce 8800) is broken, but before I do replace it I would like confirmation from you guys (and some added reassurace).

So here is my story:

I was playing some TF2 when my game froze and these wierd blocks and columns of bright dots came onto my screen. It didn't seem like the usual texture bug, but I force rebooted my system anyway. After I logged in, I was faced with columns of small red dots on my screen. (I am pretty sure that this is not my monitor because I am booted up in safe mode right now typing up this post, and the display is fine, except much lower resolution). These dots went away after a while, but I became worried. I checked to make sure I had the lastest drivers, and then started up Counter Strike Source to see if anything went wrong. After a second of playing this time I encounterd a transformation of all the textures into wierd shades of bright colors. The menu text became blocks of gibberish. I rebooted my computer but from then on it wouldn't even let me on without freezing up (again with the weird columns of red dots). Only safe mode worked. By the way I do OC my card but only when I am playing games. Rest of the time it is either underclocked or at stock.

So since I'm not an expert on error symptoms, I'd like some confirmation that this is indeed a GPU failure (and ONLY a GPU failure, not a RAM or GPU or some other parts at fault).

Also, I'm thinking of replacing the card with this:

Sorry, I don't know much about GPUs and their compatibilities with motherboards, but would this card fit (not physically) into my asus p5ne-sli? I'm thinking yes because it accepted the 8800 gts so it should accept this one. Right?

Thanks a lot!
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  1. well you came to the right place =)

    first off, do you monitor your GPU temps? If so what was the highest temp...

    Post ALL your specs including monitor resolution....
  2. Yes I do monitor my GPU temps. Usually it idles around 60C and I have Rivaturner automatically OC it at over 62C and underclock it when it crosses down (But after boot it is at stock). The highest I've seen it go when I was playing was around 70C I guess.

    Here are my specs (that I remember):
    windows xp 32 bit
    intel C2D 6700 @ 2.66 ghz
    nvidia geforce 8800 gts (from evga)
    3 gb ram
    monitor resolution is 1680x1050

    if you want to kind of see what it looks like here is a video from when my laptop GPU was broken:
    Only differences are:
    -windows xp
    -no white dashes and dots, just red columns of small dots
    -will freeze before log in screen (with red dots visible)

    But again my main questions are:
    -is my GPU (and ONLY my GPU) broken?
    -will my motherboard be compatible with the new one I posted above?

  3. Sounds like you have a burnt GPU....

    60c idle is too high, and it is highly unlikely that your GPU will only go up to 70c unless you run your settings at stock speed.

    I don't understand what "new one" you are talking about...
  4. If you mean LOAD temp by the temp when the GPU is under stress, I'd say it was about 70C.

    So my suspicion that the GPU was broken (and ONLY the GPU) is confirmed?

    Yes, I was thinking of replacing with this one:

    But I was wondering:

    -Since the broken one and the one above are both pci express (I think) this new one should fit into my motherboard (p5ne-sli) right?

    -According to the 8800 gts (640mb, not 512 mb) in this chart:
    The one I'm planning to buy from newegg should be a huge upgrade correct?
    But take a look at this:
    the 8800 gts has 320 bit interface / memory clock 800 mhz
    the new one has 128 bit interface / memory clock 1600 mhz
    Does the new one make up for its smaller interface with faster speed (and maybe with its other better aspects)?
  5. yea it will work but that card is weak, your best option is to save up a bit more and at least get a 4850 or 9800GT/GTX =) , this way you don't have to upgrade in a while....At your resolution a 220 will cough unless you run your games at low setting's (no xAA)....
  6. Look, this will work fine as well :

    HIS H467QS1GH Radeon HD 4670 1GB 128-bit DDR3
  7. I'd like to but my budget is around $70. But according to the specs that 220 is an upgrade from the 8800 gts 640 mb right? And will it work on my p5ne-sli?
  8. wow, never seen such high temps.... My GTS 250 idles at 35c / 55c LOAD and my GTX 260 idles at 40c / 60c LOAD (60% fan speed)

    My last 9800GT never surpassed 65c at LOAD, but then again I would have the fan speed set manually at 65% when gaming.....
  9. Well I had my fan speed on 100% all the time but enough about temps, I guess my GPU for sure is broken?

    Thanks, now that's cleared up I have a few more questions. I don't want to make another thread.

    1. I'm looking at 2 possible upgrades:


    and according to the specs on 8800 gts 640 mb on this page:

    those two cards should be upgrades, not downgrades, right? Sorry, I don't know how to read specs very well. I think both of the card's specs are modified from stock so I'm not sure. Can you check for me? The specs are included on the pages.

    2. If the two cards ARE better then the 8800 gts 640mb, which of the two cards are better (from their specs included on the webpage)?

    3. If they aren't better, can you give me some suggestions to some cheap GPUs that is an alternative (if not better) not a downgrade from my current 8800 gts 640mb?

    4. PCIe 2.0 x16 will fit on the PCIe x16 slot right?

    Thanks again.
  10. I would take an 8800GT 640Mb over those two cards...

    The 220 is weak since it only has 48 SP's

    The 9800GT that you picked is a better buy in terms of performance....

    Again, with 20-30 dollars more you can get something that will leave both of those cards in the dust, but if you can only afford 80.00$ at the moment then go ahead with the 9800GT .....
  11. OR Newegg has a shell shocker sale today with a 4770 for $83 after $10 MIR ( ) that would also be better than the 220

    Before buying a new card though check the old one and make sure the fan is working correctly and that there is no dust build up either on the fan or under the heatsinks causing the heat build up and overheating (it may just need a thorough cleaning to get it working correctly again !!
  12. I was going to suggest a 4770, but it was out of your price-range.... IMO the best 4770 money can buy.....

    XFX HD-477A-YDFC Radeon HD 4770 512MB 128-bit GDDR5
  13. Yup, I already checked the card for dust build up and it was totally just caked with it. I removed all I could but I still had issues. Anyway, I'm looking to buy this one:

    This one surely is better than the one I have now (I want to stick with nvidia by the way)?
  14. Best answer
    yea that is a much better choice....
  15. Ok thanks. Even though this is PCI Express 2.0 x16 it would work on a PCI Express x16 slot right?

    And to install the new GPU all I need to do is uninstall the previous GPU driver, put in the new card, and install the drivers?
  16. ^correct
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  18. let us know the outcome =)
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