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I have an ASRock 4 Core Dual SATA2 motherboard - 2 gb RAM, dual core 2.4 GHz processor but only X4 slot and 400W Power Supply. Right now it has a Radeon PCI Express X1650Pro 512mb video card and I find the video card is insufficient to play, for example, World of Warcraft on maximum graphic settings - lagging and displays 10-15 fps. on average. Can anyone suggest a compatible video card that would work with this motherboard and provide better graphics for this type of gaming? I may be limited with 4 slots, right? Thanks in advance.
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  1. I havent seen any new reviews of these boards but when they first came out the X4 slot made no differance in performance, the AGP was actually faster (slightly).
    It may b ethat its time to change the board and get a full fat X16 slot. You have the PCIE card now and the core2, so all you would need is some compatable ram and a new motherboard.
    Im in the UK but from my price point the outlay would be very similar to getting a new card and would give the 1650 pro some more bandwidth ( it really should be all over WOW ). You would be able to upgrade again to a faster card in future as well.
    Wait for some more replies as others may have a differant angle on it or an idea i havent thought of. The more info the better.
    thats what i would do if it was me though.
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