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I recently purchased a Dell Poweredge 1950 with no hard drives. It's setup for 2.5'' SAS hard drives. When I do a search, I see IBM, Fujitsu, and other brands of hard drives. I know I need a 2.5'' SAS drive but I don't know if there are other things I need to look for compatibility wise to work with my server.
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  1. Did it came it empty 2.5" hot-swap candies?
    With older Dell SAS RAID controllers like PERC 6/i and 5/i you can use any brand of drive you want.
  2. I'm guessing candies = caddies? If so, it came with none but the backplane for the hard drives are setup for 2.5'' drives. The controller card is a perc5i SCSI. Looks like I can get any 2.5'' SAS I want, right?
  3. Yeah, typo. I meant caddies. Since all DELL branded SAS drives in caddy are just rebranded Seagate Savvios anyway, you can mix and match empty caddy to SAS drives. Or find complete ones. Whichever option is cheaper.
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