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Hi I have been looking around and haven't been able to find anything about over clocking on the Intel i440GX Pentium III Xeon motherboard the bios obviosly dosen't have overclocking support, but i was wondering if there are programs of the sort that could give the ability to overclock on the Intel i440GX chipset?

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  1. i440GX was a server & workstation class chipset, these typically focus much more on stability and features than things like overclocking. It's fairly unlikely that there is any way to overclock it. Machines of that age were also much more rudimentary in their overclocking support, often the speed was set by DIP switches to set the FSB & multiplier, if so their settings are likely silkscreened (printed in small white letters) on your board. They may be very simple and only support 'official' settings like 100 & 133 FSB.
  2. Yes indeed I know it is a server machine, and the bios is warp os/2 so no overclocking firmware wize...

    But thank you for telling me about the silkscreen thing i diden't know about that ill have to take it apart and see what I can find...

    Thank you anyway though :)

    P.S Its a real mess inside this thing lol
  3. You could try a software overclocking tool, but it's unlikely that such a tools clock generator will work well with an uncommon board. Even if you manage to find something that works, don't expect a big overclock as you will likely be limited by the chip set.
  4. I know...

    I think the chipset supports upto 133mhz so its not that bad 2261mhz for dual pentium 3's, but yer finding a program that is going to support it is going to be hard, I have already try 17 different tools so I don't think its going to happen...

    But the system itself runs perfectly as it has dual pentium III's at 1.7ghz, 2gigs of sdram running at 133mhz and a Nvidia GeForce Ti 4600 128mb is not too bad for its time :)
  5. no matter how much you overclock your not going to gain any decent performance from it, dont bother and just invest in a new rig
  6. Don't need to invest already got an overpriced Acer Predator lol

    I was just seeing if i could overclock my server :)
  7. Noway this thing has been with me since its release no way i'm going to replace it... maybe in another 5-10 years :lol:

    P.S I have a website and 5 game servers running off this thing with no lag or system strain :D
  8. I was just interested because it being such a rare chipset, and to see if it was actually overclockable :D
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