WGR614 connection problem

I am helping my neighbor with her new Vista home laptop and wireless router WGR614. When using the router the computer will connect to the internet via ethernet plug or wireless adapter for about 30-40 seconds and then quit. If I reboot the router and modem it will access the internet for about 30-40 seconds and then quit. I can still see the connection and it still shows as connected but no internet.

The internet works flawlessly directly plugged into the modem so I am reasonably certain the modem is okay. I have read many posts all over the internet but nothing seems to be exactly like my issue: The computer will connect to the internet and then shortly thereafter quits until I reboot modem and router, rinse and repeat.

Appreciate any help you all could offer. This is making me crazy. I can look up any model numbers or version numbers etc later today if it matters. I am mainly looking for a place to get started with troubleshooting this. I don't understand what would cause it to connect every time for such a short period of time and then drop??
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  1. Well, I would guess your router is bonkers and may need to be replaced. Alternately, you could try upgrading the firmware to the latest version, somehow this could be a software issue in the router (bot anything to do with your PC). Also, have you tried running the ethernet cable (wired) from the laptop into the router, then into modem?

    Do you know how to access the router web page for configuration? Going to the admin section and restoring the defaults, then setting up everything again (if you have security settings and stuff) may help out.

    BTW, some companies use a means to lock the modem down to one MAC address. What this means is that every time you plug in a device to the modem's ethernet port, you need to reset (as in unplug and plug) the modem, or the modem may not recognize the new device as something that is allowed to connect to it.
  2. I decided it wasn't worth the pain and suffering of trying to figure it out. We took it back, got a different router and everything was up and running in less than 10 minutes and has been running ever since. :)
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