Questions Regarding installing processor and fan.

Hey guy's, I need some help. I'm in the process of installing more i7 processor and heat sink. My questions are.....

1. Is it normal for the locking latch to need a lot of pressure to lock? It seemed like the little bar you push was bending a lot.

2. When installing the heat sink on the processor I'm unable to keep the wires tucked into the tabs around the fan. My motherboard has a tall heat sink and I need to remove the wires from the tabs around the fan in order to make the wires long enough. Is this ok to do so and what is the best way to secure the wires?

3. Do I need to worry about letting the proessor fan wires touching the motherboard head sink. Will the wires melt?

Thanks for everyone's help!
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  1. 1. For an amd i had some problems, not an extreme amount of pressure, but it did feel like i might break the board imo. ( thought he ment fan clamp)

    3. I would think maybe? All in all a bad idea. But the electricity is going through the wires.
  2. 1.) It shouldn't take much pressure. The processor should drop in with no pressure at all then the latch should push down and snap in easily.

    2.) Yes you can move the wires just make sure they are kept clear of the fan so they cant catch on the blades. Secure the wires somewhere with zip tie.

    3.) The wires should be insulated enough not to melt but I would still secure the wires so they are not touching the heat sink.
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