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I have ordered these already:

Asus P5Q Motherboard

Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600

OCZ DDR2 4GB D/C Kit PN - OCZ10004GK PC2-8000 Platitnum Edition Dual Channel

WD5000AAKDS WD 500 GB SATA II 7200 RPM 16 MB

Asus Radeon HD 4850 512 MB

Samsung 22x DVD+RW 22x DVD-RW SATA Dual Layer Lightscribe Rewriter

Antec Nine Hundred

OCZ StealthXStream 600W PSU

Windows Vista Home Premium 64 Bit

1) Is this rig good for TF2, COD4, Fear 2, CoD5 and Crysis? Would I be able to run them smoothly with acceptable FPS with all the eye candy on?
2) Is there anything that is bottlenecking the rest of my system?
3) Is my optical drive good enough to play games, burn cds and dvds?

If i were to upgrade this, what should I do? Thanks a lot.
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  1. 1) You'll probably be able to use eye candy on every game on your list except crysis. In Crysis, you'll be able to get playable framerates using the second lowest setting (it's a different name in the newer one).

    2) No

    3) I don't see anything wrong with it

    If you want to turn on more eye candy in crysis, you could upgrade the video card, but it's not really necessary.
  2. It's a great build for the price. You'll get all the performance you need in DX10, as long as your monitor isn't bigger than 1680x1050.

    The first upgrade I would go for would either be a good after market CPU cooler and an overclock, OR a Q9550. You have the RAM to OC already, so you should grab a good cooler and get to work ;)
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