Caviar black 6401 aals louder

Hello, I installed second caviar black AALS 6401 in my system and I find it significantly louder compared to old drive. The old is produced a year and a half ago in singapore, while new is month ago in malaysia. Any experiences. Is it possible to exchange louder drive?
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  1. evongugg said:

    It would be much better that Western Digital company produces quality consistent drives. Both are the same model, same capacity, same firmware, everything the same, except there is one year difference in manufacturing and origin is from different country. One is Malaysia, the other one is Thailand. I believe I incorrectly wrote countries in the former post.

    I even tried to exchange places of the drives, but the newer drive is still louder.
    Earlier, I could sleep fine with computer running. Now, falling into sleep is much harder while hearing occasional hard seek noise.

    Any experiences? Are all new WD caviar black drives louder, or I just had bad luck?
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