Dell XPS 630i 750watt PSU question

my main gaming pc is a dell xps 630i and it has all the better/higher parts in it and i was looking at the psu last night while installing a pci slot fan and i noticed this where it shows the amps for the different volt rails (12,5,3 i think) i saw this:


now does that mean this psu has 4 12+V rails??? i honestly dont know, it has 2x pci-e 6-pin connectors (no 8-pins) and also does that mean it 36A for each pci-e connector??? currently i am running a 9800GX2 with 1 pci-e connector using an adapter that takes the 6-pin and makes it into 2x 6+2 connectors, if thats unclear here is what im using

so if anyone could clear this up that would be great. because if this thing has 4 12+v rails i might look into SLI GTX 280 with this thing. thanks for any help
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  1. You dont just add the rails up you need to know how many Watts are spread over the rails and divide by 12.
    If you can link us to the PSU we can check it for you.

  2. well the model number is "DT50E", its a dell psu
  3. Geforce say it would take a 680 watt PSU with 40+ Amps on the +12V rail/s for SIL 280's
    If you look at your PSU again i think it says on the side how much the max power is on the 4 rails, the picture i saw on dells site wasnt clear enough for me to read it properly.
    It looks like you would have enough power but if you could just confirm what it says i can give you a definate answer.
  4. well SLI GTX280's, i was kinda joking about that lol. i just bought a 9800GX2 so ill be fine for a while. i just wanted to know if i had 4 rails and if that is for each 6-pin pci-e connector. im running my GX2 off of one of the pci-e connectors so i guess so. thanks mactronix. it will be a long while before i think about sli gtx280's.
  5. And here's me thinking i was talking with a millionaire :)

  6. You will be ok.
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