Proposed build, any improvements? +SLI/CrossFire questions

Hi guys, I'm building a PC for a friend and would like some advice.

Anyways heres the build;

Asus P5Q Pro Intel P45

Intel Core 2 Duo E8400

ATI Radeon HD 4870 1024MB


Seagate Barracuda 750GB

Power Supply
Zalman 750W

Antec Nine Hundred

Although not using crossfire atm... he wants it somewhat future proofed, also no overclocking.

A few questions...
- Are there any improvements I could make to the build, that are worth spending a little extra over?
- Are Zalman trustworthy for power supplys?
- I noticed a ton of power supplys saying they are "SLI compliant" but not a single CrossFire one... surely they must all do crossfire then, including the Zalman?
- Is the Antec Twelve Hundred really worth the extra cash over the 900?
- I chosen the 1 gig 4870, but my friend wants an Nvidia card, if he goes Nvidia, what would be the equivalent of the 4870, the gtx 260 or 280? Any recommended SLI compatible motherboard thats about the same price as that P5Q pro? (£100... about $200-ish I guess?)

Thanks for any input on any of this! :)
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  1. The GTX 260 is pretty close to the performance of a 1gig 4870.

    SLI read is just advertising, it doesn't mean much at all. the only thin you have to keep an eye on is the 12volt amperage.

    if you're not OCing, super high airflow cases are pointless, including the 900. all you are buying is bling.

    no first hand experience on the zalman PSU, I think you could do better.
  2. Cheers :)
    Alright so he can save some money on a bit more basic case, an I should probably choose a more reputable manufacturer for the PSU. Its the PSU's that are really confusing me atm, never had to concern myself with SLI/crossFire in the past.

    So SLI compliant basically just means that nVidia have paid/whatever for that marketing, a power supply is simply a power supply an any decent one will do both crossFire/SLI fine?

    Just looking for a decent SLI motherboard now in the £100 ($200-ish I think) price range, an I'll be set to buy if he does go with nVidia, any recommendations on that anyone? :)
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