Antec 900

hey guys

just wanted to find out if anyone else has the antec 900 case and have managed to figure out how to attach
the pci-e add-in card holder ( the bracket that holds full length graphics card up ), as i have a gtx260 and cannot for
the life of me figure it

any pics / suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
thanks in advance.
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  1. I'm also trying to figure this out. The manual doesn't help.
  2. To be honest i dont think it would really do much, the actual slot and the socket will hold it in fine, although that card is a beast!

    what i would like to know is why i cant turn off the fanse but keep the LEDs on- ive got them all on low and the case is still really noisy!
  3. I will be installing my V card this weekend and I dont think I will use the clip either.
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