Core i5 750 OC on stock cooler

I just ordered a new core i5 system. What's the farthest I can push the CPU before I need an after market cooler safely?

Asus p7p55d-e mobo
intel core i5 750
HD 5870
XMS3 1600 ram


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  1. hmmm....well EVERY core i5 overclocks to the same level, So its obviously 3.65ghz (Sarcasm)

    Noone can tell you exactly, because every chip is different, I dont know your ambient temps, I dont know what case you have, for all i know you could live in a giant freezer.

    Just set the Vcore manually to its stock voltage and raise the blck 5-10mhz and then boot into windows run a stress test program like prime95 or OCCT for about 15mins if its ok and temps are under 70C then go back into the BIOS and raise the blck another 5-10mhz, Keep doing this until it crashes/blue screens.
    Then go back into the BIOS and back down your blck by 10mhz and test for stability for 12hours.
    I wouldn't up the voltage with a stock cooler, just see how far you can go with stock voltage.
  2. Thanks. I've never done Any overclocking but it sounds pretty straight forward.
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