Should My Hard Drive Show Up on My Mobo?

I have a

and am using a 1tb Caviar black Hard Drive

I am looking to get windows 7 for it but don't have it yet and I want to make sure my hard drive is working right. In the BIOS when i hit F12 or whatever button im supposed to to get too the boot menu the hard drive only shows up as like SATA-A1 instead of my CD-Drive which shows up as "CD-DRIVE ASUS" etc.... does this mean my hard drive isn't showing up right or does it have to be partioned and formated to show up. Is there any way to make sure it works without having an OS on hand?
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  1. You can check out which is free and is bootable. It has a number of Hard Drive diagnostic tools on it (check out the page and it lists all the tools on the disc).

    Otherwise, do you have an extra system you can throw it into?

    Perhaps someone knows why it shows up SATA-A1 - I have a Western Digital Caviar Blue, but it's not hooked up right now and plus, my MoBo would probably display it differently since it's not an ASUS Mobo.
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