Vantec Tornado to 3 pin fan controller?

I have 2 vantec tornados and i want to hook them up to a 3pin supported fan controller. (fan controller is rated for this voltage/wattage) can i splice the wires to a female 3 pin and plug it into the fan controller?
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    That's really all they are doing when we buy a ready made "Y" adapter.
  2. thankyou for responding. Thats what i thought but i had to get a second opion
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  4. Actually splicing the 3 wires will cause the sensors to think the fan is spinning twice as fast as it actually is since it will be getting 2 strobe signals one from each fan - so you will want to just splice the 2 wires to run the fan but leave the sense wire unattached so it will report the proper fan speed rotation count from the one fan instead of double reporting ! - As shown in this Pic of a Splitter
  5. ^ Very useful info JDFan.

    I learned something today. :)
  6. ok i think i need to clarify my post.....

    I didnt actually want to slice 2 fans to one channel..

    I wanted each one on thier own channel on my fan controller, Seeing as the Vantec tornado originally recieves its power from a modular source i wanted to splice the wires to recieve from a 3 pin source. sorry for not clarifying that...

    In response to my own question i went ahead and spliced them to 3 pin connectors along with the rpm wires and they work great! Thank you for your help..;
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