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I need help with a problem I've had since I bought Phenom II X3 720 2.8ghz with no overclocking whatsoever. For some reason I can easily get idle temps between 23-30C but when any bit of stress is applied, my cpu temp increases by a lot and I can't seem to understand why. I had just bought an AC Freezer 7 pro for it, and it was actually idling my CPU at 23C while the fan was dead. I didnt even know since it ran when i started up..... So just the heatsink itself was idling at 23C and hitting 53C while playing BF:Bad Company 2 for a good 1 1/2 hours. That shows its potential with the fan...

So I remove the HS and face it towards a 120mm fan on the top of my case, apply thermal paste, reattach the HS's fan and what do you know, it starts working. I figured if the idle temps were 23C with no fan, then the idle temps should be amazing with the fan working at full speed, plus the 120mm fan above. Well not exactly, and now idle temps are now around 30C. I play Mass Effect 2 and start hitting +50C and BF: BC2 i hit almost 60 versus the 50-55C i was getting while the fan was off. It's been acting very sensitive and I'm wondering is there something wrong with it or does it sound like I'm not properly seating and applying thermal paste?? Thanks.
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  1. most likely you don't have good contact with your cpu, or you put to much or too little thermal paste. make sure those annoying push buttons are secured tight, also with the arctic cooler 7 the fan blows THROUGH the heatsink out the back of the case so make sure you have it positioned properly.
  2. hmm ok for some reason my motherboard only allows me to have it facing either upwards or downward. so im guessing since it blows through the heatsink, it was better having the fan face down, so it blows up and out through the fan on top my antec 300. so ill switch it back facing downward. that might help temps a little. idk its strange i just havent been able to get this thing cool since i bought it. it always idles fine, but when it gets under load the temps sky rocket. im going to buy some more thermal paste, maybe its just a matter of getting it just right or trying another method? even with my stock HSF that had a thermal paste pre applied was getting ridiculous benchmark temps.
  3. My case is the antec 300 as well. slap a couple fans in the front 2 spots and one on the side. that helped my temps alot. If you get some arctic silver 5, follow the directions exactly on their website of how to apply it based on the amount of cores on your cpu and you wont have a problem.
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