random blue screens of death, need help picking new motherboard

hi, i recently got a new computer. MSI p45 neo3-FR motherboard, core 2 duo, evga 9800 gx2 video card, OCZ PC2-8500 DDR2 ram, recommended to us on this forum.

We've been having random blue screens of death and general system instability and after fiddling around for days with this and that, drivers and pulling this piece of hardware out and replacing it with that, blah blah blah general frustration and confusion, my father says it's probably the MSI motherboard causing all the random Blue screens of death.

so could you guys recommend a motherboard for us, we were thinking of going with an nvidia so we'd be sure it matched up with our video card and stop all the instability and crashes, would their 680i sli motherboards fit us? or 750i sli, whatever, we don't know. we arent planning on doing the dual video card sli thing ut we figure we need a p45 chipset (since p45 is what was originally recommended to us on this forum, or do we even need the P45?) ATX motherboard from nvidia.

thanks, around 150 dollars is the price range.
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  1. also, we have an antec 650w power supply three 12v rails that put out 19a

    will that be enough for my system?
  2. What kind of Antec 650W? Antec basiq would not be a great choice, but most of the others are good.

    You probably have a True Power Trio, which is tier two so an excellent choice... however random blue screens CAN be caused by a bad PSU, and no brand is immune to problems. Just a warning.

    Hopefully you ran memtest overnight to rule out memory issues.

    You can and should stay with a P45 or P43 board. Avoid the nVidia chipsets such as 780i.

    Here are a few of my favorites:

  3. It is possible that you have bad RAM or RAM that is not compatible with the MOBO. There is no rhyme or reason for RAM incompatibility. Run Memtest86+, if you haven't already. Or you could just have a bad mobo, it does happen.

    Save yourself a lot of grief and don't get an Nvidia mobo. They are considerably more flaky than the P45 mobos. There are no benefits to running an Nvidia mobo with an Nvidia card. The one and only reason to run an Nvidia mobo is for SLI.

    Especially don't get the 680i or you will be crying. nVidia, fix the 680i chipset! Petition
  4. ^ Yeah I agree. Hope you tested the RAM. If you're going to get an nVidia board than go with a 750i based board. The 600 series of boards aren't so good. You could also look into an RMA for your motherboard instead of going and buying a new one.
  5. thanks for the advice guys, since you say dont get an nvidia motherboard, we wont, we'll look for the asus p45.

    we arent sure if its the motherboard or the ram or what, but one thing at a time

    and yes i do have a true power trio antec 650w psu
  6. went to the store today and they were out of asus p45 moherboards, we got a nvidia 750i sli board instead.

    so far *fingers crossed* its working fine, no random blue screens of death.

    I guess we'll just keep this 750i board since it happens to be working, i know you guys keep recommending the p45 but we have no luck with it...the first p45 board we ordered caused instability and the second time we go to buy one theyre out of stock.

    unless p45's are like ten million times better is there any compelling reason to ditch this 750i? at least it future proofs us for when we buy another gx2
  7. There is no compelling reason to ditch the 750i, assuming it's stable of course.

    If it ain't broke, don't fix it. ;)
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