AMD Sempron 2800 vs. AthlonXP 3200

My current CAD workstation is running the Sempron 2800, at core speed of 2GHz on a Gigabyte 7VT600 mobo. I am replacing the workstation, and wondering if there are any reasonable upgrades I could make to it to make it worth keeping for some other use. According to the mobo manual, the fastest AMD processor it supports is the AthlonXP 3200.

1. Anybody know the relative power of these 2 processors?

2. Can the AthlonXP 3200 on this mobo be overclocked?
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  1. the athlon xp has a mhz advantage as well as more cache. although looking at the cheapest new xp 3200 is $160. for the same money you could upgrade your mobo, cpu and ram to either a athlon x2 system or a low end core2duo system which would offer much better performance.
  2. I think the Athlon XP 3200 uses a 400 mhz FSB, so make sure your motherboard supports it, many Socket A's only support 333.

    Personally, I wouldn't sink any money into it, but you probably could find a used 3200 (make sure it's the right socket, because there's a Socket A and 939 that both are 3200).
  3. It sounds like the minor performance increase is not worth the effort and cost. Thanks for the input.
  4. Saw a Barton socket A 2500+ on eaby for $65.00. The one I had ran at 333 fsb but I could set it to 400fsb and it ran as a 3200+ and I never had a bit of trouble with it. Of course you will need ddr 400 to run it at that speed even if you MB will support it.

    Have you tried OC your sempron>?

    But yes a used system even an old 939 single core would be a huge increase over your current system and could probably be found dirt cheap.
  5. This is my current workstation at work, about to be replaced by my brand new OC'd E8500. I just had the idea that if I could easily boost its performance then maybe I could take it home and make a PVR out of it or something like that.
  6. Just load it with Ubuntu and use it as a file server, VPN server, etc.
  7. Cadder, just retired my ASUS K8V-X Deluxe 3 months ago. Started with a 2800 Sempron and went to the 3200 Athlon, seen a 20-23% performance gain in almost every app. But with the performance of today platforms, I don't know if I would put anymore money in old technology. Tearing down a working system to get a little more out of a secondary system is probobly not money well spent IMHO.
  8. caamsa said:
    Of course you will need ddr 400 to run it at that speed even if you MB will support it.

    Great point, I can't believe I forgot to mention that.
  9. Might wanna invest in new stuff. The gains had with the latest generation are great!
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