Help me step by step oc q9550 2.8 - 3.6 ghz ? please

i would like to oc my cpu from 2.8 to 3.6 ghz

my system is
4gb 1333mhz ddr3
75gb raptor
p45 gigabyte mobo
antec nine hundred
vista x64

in the title i have said up to 3.6 is it possible to go higher - my max = 3.8ghz if it is stable and safe?

and i am going to get a cooler but i dont want water
my top pick at the moment is Zalman CNPS10X Extreme is this a good one and can it handle my oc?

i am new to oc'ing never done it before but i am posting here as i want to try and oc so i just need a step by step guide to oc this cpu on a p45 mobo and hopefully evrything will be ok? please can you post anything that will be of any help such as max temps, volt limits, fsb....

thank you :wahoo:
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  1. I have a q9550 C1 and have reached 3.8 on Air cooling. (Cooler Master Hyper N520). I am not familiar with your mobo but i'm sure it can handle it. MY C1 is a bit fickle though. It needs a lot of volts to get that high (i.e. 1.3200+ vcore). IF you are new to overclocking here's the place you should go:

    Everything you need is there. If you have the E0 stepping, It will reach that clock a lot easier. With the proper cooler and sensible voltage, it will be safe.

    Get yourself all the apps listed on that page: Coretemp, Realtemp, Prime95, IntelBurnTest, Memtest. Try to keep it under 70C max. (some will suggest 60-65c max). I run at 3.4ghz on 1.2275v and 60-62c on prime testing.

    Good Luck and have fun!
  2. hi awesome
    was yours stable on 3.8ghz?
    and how can you tell if it is c1 or e0?

    is 3.6ghz achieveable do you think on air and stable?
    and what volts shall i change?
  3. Ohh I forgot an app: CPUID-CPUZ!

    It will show you all of your system information, including all processor information. Yes it was stable but way to much voltage for me. The performance boost was not that signifigant from 3.4ghz to 3.8ghz, and it was a huge jump in voltage (1.2175v-1.3200v is big for only 400mhz more). From what I understand the E0's will have a much easier time reaching that clock. The guide I linked explains all of the settings to adjust. I only had to change the vcore for my OC. If it does not mention it, take all of your voltage settings off of AUTO. These are usually too high. Do some research into safe operating voltages for your system.

    Edit: Every chip is like a snowflake :P yours may OC better or require more volts to achieve the desired results. 3.6ghz will most likely be a non-issue with a proper OC.
  4. cheers
    ill get cpu-z and how can i tell if mine is e0 or c1?
  5. under the specification field you will see a box that says revision. that should say C1 or E0
  6. sorry where do i find the spec field?
  7. snake786123 said:
    sorry where do i find the spec field?

    Okay. I want you to know that I do water cool but these processors will run @ 3.8 on air if you can keep them cool enough.

    You should read and learn enough about OC'n to start making some adjustments on your own. Then if you are having problems and some one should ask you what Vtt and NB voltages you are running you would know what they are talking about. :)

    I currently am running a EO CPU but had a C1 before this.

    Hope this screen shot helps.

    Good luck and happy OC'n.:)

    Thought I should explain why the temps reported in the "LOW" category are so high. I forgot to open Core Temp when I started P95 so when I did open it those were the temps recorded at that time.

    Idle temps are currently being reported as 25, 29, 36 and 16 but I have several programs running which represent my typical operating temps for this work load.
  8. thanks i have see i have the c1 version
    i have just ordered a zalman cnps10x extreme that should be here on tuesday
    if i oc on this u think i can get 3.8 stable for like 2 hours useage a day?
  9. Probably not with a C1 chip. This is a clear case of "YMMV."

    Intel's recommended maximum voltage limit is 1.3625 volts or load temps of about 70 C.
  10. ok so if thier voltage limit is 1.3652 is it ok to go to 1.2999? and what does ymmv mean what do you think is possible with the c1?
  11. snake786123 said:
    ok so if thier voltage limit is 1.3652 is it ok to go to 1.2999? and what does ymmv mean what do you think is possible with the c1?

    The voltage limit from the MFG are designed to keep you in a range that the CPU will not over heat, amongst other things. So if you lower your Vc then you will not be able to OC as high. Note that the quality of your hardware will have a major affect on how high of an OC you can get plus your knowledge on the subject.

    My experience with the C1 was I had to have about 1.4Vc to run @ 3.83 GHZ stable. Did that for about a year on water cooling. I could actually run 4.0 GHZ but needed such a high Vc to do that I decided the sweet spot was 3.83 GHZ.

    Some one else has that same CPU and it is still running strong.

    YMMY means; "Your mileage may vary". Means we have no idea of what your CPU with the hardware your running will do at any given Vc if it is not at the rated 2.83 GHZ.

    You will have to read up on OC'n this particular CPU with the M/BD and ram combination you have and then try what you have learned.:) Then if you run in to problems come back and give us a shout.:D

    Good luck and happy OC'n.
  12. I thought I would include this screen shot running that C1 @ 3.83 GHZ in Vista in 2008. I had 2 BFG 8800 GTS 512 graphics cards in SLI and that was my score in 3DMark06. My '06 score would be a little higher in XP Pro.
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