K9A Platinum Blue Screen..

I posted this but forgot to confirm who I was so it got dropped....

So anyways, my system is as follows:

K9A platinum
AMD Athlon XP 6000+
Corsair CM2X 6400- 1024 (X2)(same bank)
Seagate 320gb HDD
ATI Radeon HD4850
510 Watt power supply

All Drivers are current, Bios are up to date, all bios setting set to chipset and memory specs....

When I'm surfing the web its fine, low end games its fine, DVD encoding it blu screens, BF2 it blu screens... I've ram memtest with not a single error (2 HRS), the only thing I havent been able to swap out to test was the power supply, But it should be plenty for what Im running.... ARGGHHHHHH..... This thing is about to take flight...LOL

I have the Mini .dmp file , and the bazillion # error code, But I have no idea what Im looking at

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  1. Don't assume that a PSU is good because it has some specific wattage. A power supply is a complex part of your computer that must deliver stable, accurate voltages across a range of loads and operating temperatures.

    There are well made PSUs, and many poorly made PSUs, and wattage has no bearing on that.

    Given that you have swapped out everything else, the PSU seems likely.
  2. Well, I think I may have found my culprit.... Crappy cooling, factory style cpu cooler just was'nt enough I think, maybe..... I was using core center to monitor my temps as I was autoring a dvd (uses roughly 90% cpu resources) and to my amazement it was damn near 60 c... Thermal friggen meltdown.... So I did some research and decided to by a Zalman 9700 nt cpu cooler (this thing is huge and heavy, make sure your board is well mounted) and a Thermaltake PCI slot exhaust fan, authored another dvd copy and it ran @ 41 c ... Quite a change, A little noisy'r but High performance has a price I guess!

  3. Yup, problem solved....... DUH! I can't believe I overlooked that... Thanks for the input :)
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