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Hi, I bought a Jetway 618AF motherboard recently to make a test build - but I can't seem to find any information on the web as regards to its specifications and compatibility. I was just wondering if anyone on this forum had any leads to them? I'm clueless about what kind of CPU would be compatible with it. This is as much as I can get for the moment:

I know so far that it works with an Pentium III 800Mhz Coppermine processor (because it came with it), but I wonder if it takes other Coppermine processors of higher clockrate, and perhaps Coppermine-T or Tualatin processors? Or does anyone know what I can do with my system to find this out (obviously I don't have each of these processors, so I can't try them out to find out, so I'm wondering if there is a moethod via looking at some software/data/BIOS/etc)?
Would be very grateful for all your help, thank you!

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  1. You can get a tuilatin 1.26 cpu for $6 plus shipping at starmicro.
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