When does 32nm core i7 come out?

Good day.
I started to think to upgrade my current system but I think going for 920 i7 is not worth it.
I think the next upgrade for me would be the 32nm processor, I heard about them I just don't have links....if I'm right it suppose to have 6cores/12logical cores :whistle:

So do you guys have general idea when 32nm intels will be coming out?

my current system is as follows:

asus p5q se
4gb ddr2@954mhz
zerotherm nirvana cpu cooler
antec 1200
2x 500gb hd
700w silverstone striker series psu
4870 1gig
acer 22" (1680x1050)
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  1. Q1 2010.
  2. "Westmere" (32NM Nehalem, basically) is rumored for the end of 2009. "Sandy Bridge" is equally rumored for 2010, and adds "AVX" (Advanced Vector Extensions - an addition to the SSE instructions) to the 32NM Westmeres. This is supposed to allow developers to choose to offload certain GPU~like functionality on the CPU. The benefit is it should be easier to program, and theoretically could increase the graphics performance - particularly on a mobo with integrated graphics.
  3. About a year after Nehalem came out, so the end of 09.
  4. ok sweet guys thanks!
    so i have a year to save up some money for a nice upgrade (:
  5. Yeah in the meantime you could enjoy the nice system you are sporting now. You couldnt have built that too long ago...
  6. i build it about 3months ago(my 4850 died, got replacement with 4870)
    if your interested i have youtube channel, there is couple vids of the inside of the case and such

  7. If you built it 3 months ago, why are you thinking of upgrading? That definitely doesn't look like a system that needs upgrading.
  8. no i just was curious i know it be stupid to upgrade to 45nm core i7, i was just wondering when 32nm parts come out....i think going from 64nm to 32nm would be a good jump since i love tweaking my system and overclocking haha
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