Need help OC'ing my Q6600 (Asus P5E3 Deluxe)

Hey guys, I am new to this forum. I am afflicto. (

I want to OC my q6600 on my new Asus P5E3 Deluxe motherboard.
I also have a kingston 2gig ddr3 ram dimm at 1600 mhz. however, it only runs as 1066 atm. dunno why.

I have a stock CPU cooler. 5 fans in my system tho. along with 1 on my GFX card.

How high can I overclock it. I want to do at least 2.8ghz or 3.0ghz.
If someone could help me do this, It would be greatly appriciated!
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  1. you can probably simply change the fsb multiplier to 8 and your FSB to 375 in BIOS and you will be at 3GHz without having to mess with any voltages at all. That usually is the case with the q6600. Give it a try. An aftermarket cpu cooler is always a good idea though.
  2. I am sorry, I just woke up and should have asked.....what type of ram are you using?
  3. lol and now is see you posted that already. With that ram, simply doing what I told you should not be a problem as your ram is rated for higher speeds.
  4. ok, thanks. I did put in some settings on FSB and voltages.. got to 3.0ghz.. but I just got a BSOD after 15 min or something I will try your suggestion thanks! :)
  5. Nice, it worked just fine. trying to get GTA iv to run without freezes and lag :P
  6. yea..I suggest if you want to overclock any higher, which I personally would as I have that same chip with ddr3 1333 ram, invest in an aftermarket cpu cooler and you should easily be able to get 3.4 or even 3.6!
  7. Here are three under $50 heatsinks that are pretty popular:
    Xigmatec Dark Knight

    I've added this one, because it is starting to get really popular:
    COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 Plus

    They all require a somewhat different approach to applying thermal compound.
    Suggestions for applying thermal compound:

    And they are pretty large, so they might not fit inside your case.
  8. Great, thanks alot everyone. It worked perfectly with ONLY changing the CPU Multiplier to x8. and then the FSB to 375. I have 3.000 Mhz now. 39 Celcius idle. and 62 @ full load on crysis. It got to 62 after 1 hour of crysis gaming. and it was bumbing around from 58-62 degrees celcius. Great ^^ I will get an aftermarket cooler. I Think of the Zigmatec Dark Knight one. Thanks for the links ^^
  9. btw, I am getting a new case. simply because the one I have now is too small. I'm a fulltime geek and I need triple crossfire, and around 5-6 hard drives and lots of fans and good stuff to fill in. So I'm looking for a fulltower case.
    It must have these features:
    *Screwless for replacing hdd's.
    *a window at the side, so I can showoff my awesome(not really) graphics cards.
    *a handle, to open and close sidepanel. I open and close my case around 3-4 times a week.
    *black inside color

    Just if someone wants to reccomend any :P
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