Need a Low End Graphics Card That Can Run BF2

Hi guys, I'm new here and to the whole pc gaming crowd in general. I recently bought Battlefield: Bad Company and am loving it, but can't stand that there are only 24 players per game. When I learned about BF2, I was totally excited about the whole 64 players thing and was instantly interested. Unfortunately, as it turns out, my computer sucks. It's an inspiron 530s (Slim case) and hardly any graphics card fit in the thing. To add to that, my power supply sucks so I need a card that doesn't take too much power. (I think my computer has around 250-300 watts, maybe less) I need a really low end graphics card that will fit in my case, run bf2, and will work with my limited power supply. I'm fine with medium to low settings. I've already checked the Can you run it? site and I pass every test except for graphics card. Thanks in advance. Hopefully I'll see some of you on the battlefield. I know it's a really old game, but I hear they are still running some servers.
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  1. This card might do the trick but your power supply may not be enough to handle it.
  2. If not then you should probably be safe with this one.
  3. EDIT: That card might work.
  4. I suggest to get a ddr3 version of the 8600gt.
    I played bf2 at high (1024x768) with a 8500gt so any modern card should handle it. Try an ati 4650
  5. Try one of the HD 4670 from ATI, low power, price, and high performance.
    I heard a lot of good things about them.
  6. the only gpu i can think of that is any good and has a low profile is the HD4550 and won,t use alot of power. not a bad card:)
  7. Seconding the HD4670 if it will fit
  8. Try to verify if it will fit please. Again, I don't need some new graphics card that can run Gears of War or something. I just need something that will run 64 players on BF2. I'm most interested in the 8500 gt right now, so please verify if this is a good decision.
  9. So you're sure the Radeon HD 3650 512MB 128-bit will run BF2 on at least medium?
  10. It is on par with HD2600pro and geforce 7600GT/8600GT. Which both could handle BF2. BF2 was a benchmark game and was one of the first games to benefit from 2GB system ram.,2011-6.html
  11. All though I always take Newegg customer reviews with a grain of salt I don't think people are lying about their game experience.
  12. Alright, thanks. I guess I'll go with the 3650. Hope it fits lol.
  13. I was running BF2 on max settings (with no AA) with an AGP 6800GT. It shouldn't take much to run BF2 at good settings. Heck, you can get into BF2142 and play at max settings with the card you are talking about. Snag the free demo of it if you haven't already. I like it over BF2.

    Anyway, moving along...The inspiron specs say you have a 300W PSU BTW.

    I would get the 3650 with GDDR3. It requires a 300W PSU and doesn't need any extra power cable plug in (just runs off the power through the PCIe slot). **Edit: the 4600 series calls for a 400W PSU. I was all for that one until seeing the power requirement.

    What you have to check though is that you have enough room for the length of the card. I can't find any dimensions on the thing though. BAH. I will get back if if find any. I would think that it is fine though. It is made to fit into computer cases that aren't built for huge video cards.

    I have two sapphire cards and haven't had any troubles. I trust them.
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