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Hey my friend sold me his old laptop and i have recently formatted it with his vista dvd he gave me. The problem is when i go to for the drivers it cant detect my video card. The only way to get it to work is installing the drivers that came with the cd. I know There is an nvidia site that givers you a modded inf file so you can install the newest drivers. Is there one for ati? i just want the newest drivers like the 8.10 for this laptop. can you help me out?
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  1. Yeah, there's the door, now you're out!! Get real, old laptop, old hardware, theft of OS in progress, why don't you move out of Russia or China and come into the real world!
  2. ^ What an *******, why don't you use the door
  3. I did, must have slammed it on YOUR thumb, can you offer a better solution? Vista doesn't like old hardware, he got his OS "COPY" from his friend, the guy that sold him the laptop, maybe his "FRIEND" isn't...
  4. Hey Blackwidow, Republic of South Africa, WHAT'S your solution for this moron and thief? Replying to my input won't help...
  5. lol its not stolen. its when vista first came out on this Dell. my friend got a pc and doesnt need that laptop anymore. He sold it to me for 200. its nice but has drivers but they dont work. and ati has drivers but they dont work. it says they the display adaptor cannot be detected. but when i use the dell cd the drivers install fine but they are so old.

    id go to to get them but they are nvidia only and i need something with ati. please help
  6. dont listen to that dumbass marcellis22. i have the same problem too with the x1200 when i go to the software it insists me to download cannot detect my vid card. but i just dl the driver anyways bypassing that 660kb file and it works. it's usually the first link under driver or this link for vista . however, the catalyst control center doesn't work, if you want to tweak the card, you probably need a 3rd party program like powerstrip. also, i hope you have at least 2gb ram for vista if not get xp!!
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