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How much can you overclock a 8400 gs (512 Mb) with stock cooling?
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  1. It depends, all chips overclock differently. Just keep an eye on the temps.
  2. So can I overclock it to play NFS carbon maxed out?
  3. I am going to have to say NO on this one.
    No matter how high you overclock your 8400GS, you will not be able to max NFS Carbon out.

    Based on benchmarks Here, I am led to believe you need a GPU that is 8 or 9 Tiers above your current one to max out this game.
  4. So what kind of games do you think would work with playable FPS on this card (without being maxed out but not at minimal settings either)?
  5. TBH, the 8400GS is not really a gaming card.
    You can probably play quite a few of the more current games, just at extremely lowered settings and at a low resolution.
    If you would like to game with your system, I would recommend saving for a newer GPU.
  6. So, what would be a good one within a budget of $400,and should I go for single or SLI/crossfire?
  7. With a budget of $400 what would you be looking at upgrading, just the GPU?
    What are your current system specs and at what resolution do you game at?
  8. My current specs are-

    Processor- core D @ 2.8 Ghz
    Ram- 1 GB DDR2

    I want to spend the 400 only on the card. The rest I'll upgrade later this year
  9. Looking at the current newegg prices, a $100 4850 is your best option.
    Anything more would be a waste of cash for your resolution.
    Adding a bit more RAM will also help out a lot.

    You do know that you could rebuild your entire system with that budget, right?
    When I have a chance later, I will put together a quick build for you in the under $400 range...
  10. I believe that you could be ok with your current HDD even if you haven't said you have one(you do, right?). You can also keep that CPU. It ain't that bad. (a new one would be nice)
    100$ card like outlw6669 said, 4 gb of ram, a new board, and a new power supply. I assume you already have the case.

    If all i wrote above is wrong, ignore it then.

    A card that costs that much needs a lot of power at load so you will need to have a good power supply also. If your current one is not that good, then your pc WILL CRASH!
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    outlw6669 said:
    When I have a chance later, I will put together a quick build for you in the under $400 range...

    Here you go:

    Athlon II x4 630 + 4GB OCZ DDR3 1600: $177 after $20 MIR
    ASUS M4A785TD-V EVO: $85
    4850: $100
    OCZ 500W PSU: $40 after $25 MIR

    Total: $402 after MIR's

    This build will blow what you are currently using out of the water!
    If you need to save a few extra bucks, drop the CPU to an Athlon II x3 or x2.
  12. Would this processor be able to handle games like GTA IV?
  13. Yes, the Athlon II x4 will be powerful enough to handle all current games.
    If you decide you need a little more juice, it can also be overclocked handily.
    At your resolution I would expect this build to do quite good with all current games.
  14. Thanks a lot!
    Just a final question my monitor's inbuilt speakers suck.
    Can you suggest a good sound system to go with the rest?
  15. Personally, I use headphones for most of the time.
    You can usually get much better sound quality for a smaller price going this way.
    At $35, the Koss Portapro are an excellent choice and really sound amazing for the price.

    If you would prefer regular speakers, look into the $90 Logitech X-540.
    It offers quite a bit of sound for the price.
  16. Thanks a LOT! :D
  17. Best answer selected by steve sr1.
  18. No problem :)

    If you have any other questions just drop another post!
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