First time Oc i7 920 - What am I missing

Ok I've read through the stickies. I'm not looking for a major oc. I just want to get my 920 to 3 Ghz and the memory at 1600.

Using corsair h50 cooler. Temps look fine(low 50's)

I have upped the multiplier to 20 and bclk to 150. It looks like my memory is running at 600 mhz and the system is locking during 3dmark vantage. video card is at stock clocks so I think it's the cpu oc. I'm scared to play with voltages without knowing what I am doing. If I were to increase anything, what should it be.

I am not getting any bluescreens, just 3d vantage locking up during its run.
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  1. The memory is really running at 1200 mhz when it says 600 in cpuz. This is because it id DDR (double data rate) so anything it says there just double it to get the real value.

    Assuming your vidoe card is not overclocked, the problem with 3dmark vantage is most likely pertained to the lack of vcore. First run prime 95 and see if you get blue screened. This would indicate that the overclock is not stable and needs more voltage.

    The most prominent voltages you will change are VTT, QPI vcore and vcore. Once you start getting into higher speeds like 200+ bclock you will need to and ICH and IOH in small amounts. I usually dont go above 1.32v for these.

    This thread will really help you for learning the voltages and their realationships:

    ^ Keep in mind im still adding stuff to that thread.
  2. Ok, after a few non-posts, here's what I came up with that worked:

    Left everything else in bois default

    clock ratio: 20x
    bclk: 150
    cpu uncore: 16x 2405mhz (lowest)
    xmp profile 1
    mem freq 1333/2:10
    shows target of 1503mhz

    mem is showing in cpuz as 598 mhz.

    Is this ok? Can I bump up the memory so it runs at 1600(800)?

    Running prime 95 now. How long should I let it run?
  3. Isn't the dram voltage supposed to be within .5 volts of something?

    vtt is 1.43, vcore 1.15. Just don't want to fry the memory controller.
  4. Memory multiplier choices are 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16

    133 BCLK x 20 CPU Mult = 2.66 GHz
    133 BCLK x 8 Memory Mult = 1066 MHz
    133 BCLK x 10 Memory Mult = 1333 MHz
    133 BCLK x 12 Memory Mult = 1600 MHz

    150 BCLK x 20 CPU Mult = 3.00
    150 BCLK x 8 Memory Mult = 1200
    150 BCLK x 10 Memory Mult = 1500

    167 BCLK x 20 CPU Mult = 3.33
    167 BCLK x 8 Memory Mult = 1333
    167 BCLK x 10 Memory Mult = 1670 (stretching it)

    183 BCLK x 20 CPU Mult = 3.67
    183 BCLK x 8 Memory Mult = 1467

    200 BCLK x 20 CPU Mult = 4.00
    200 BCLK x 8 Memory Mult = 1600
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