What Temps should I expect?

Hey all...just finished my build last night, and I'm wondering what sort of temps I should be expecting from it all if the thermal paste is set properly.

Core i7-975 @ stock clocks
Cooler Master V8 heatsink
Arctic Cooling 5 thermal paste

I'm running Prime95 and getting temps maxing out at 60C. Doesn't that seem a little high?
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    60c seems fine. The V8 isnt the best cooler in the world. I usually get 58c when loaded using the h50. And similar temps when using the Core contact freezer.

    Now overclock it!
  2. Tried lowering CPU Voltage ? On my son's box (920 OC'd for everyday use to 3.7), we dropped the CPU voltage from 1.250 to 1.125 and got a significant temp drop.

    BTW, If this is a fresh build I'd consider exchanging that 1066 memory for 1600 so you can overclock a bit better.
  3. ^ well he is running a EE chip so he can just change the cpu multi rather than changing the bclock. But still at some point you will need to raise the base clock. So i would exchange it for 1600 mhz ram.
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