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I have a biostar m7vig 400 with a amd 2400 athlon possessor. My issues is it will not boot from the cd drive. It will spin the disk and say boot failure. I have tested every part aside from the possessor, including memory, hdd, cdrom drive, ide cable, power supply(swapped with a 300w) floppy drive. The hard drive currently has a clean copy of windows on it, however as soon as the system gets to the first windows load screen it reboots within a second.
I have also updated the bios with the newest one i could find, (7-28-05). I think i have pretty much covered it all, any ideas on how to fix this?
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  1. Start with the basics. Download the freely available memtest86+ bootable CD image file and burn a CD from that. Try booting from that (no OS is required) and then run memtest86+ for a number of hours to make sure there are no major memory problems.
    Next, download and burn the latest Ubuntu version, 8.10, as a bootable CD. Boot from that (which also will not use your hard drive) and see if things otherwise work OK.
    Finally, download the free hard drive diagnostic software from the web site of your hard drive manufacturer and run it to be sure your hard drive is working properly.
  2. Thanks for the reply but its a bit too late. The motherboard ended up taking out the possessor and hard drive. Not sure what caused it but should have never messed with a used cheap mobo. However your post wont be in vain because i have been needing some good daig software.
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