Help with my hard drive! ASAP

last wik everything is alright. when i took out my dvd drive. to send it for repair. but when i returned it. and plug it in. the moment i turned on the computer. it cannot detect my hard drive!! .

my hard drive is a seagate 1tb SATA
and a samsung 60gb

my dvd drive is a LG

i can open my computer if i unplug the dvd drive. like wtf .
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    Check the jumpers on the DVD -- maybe they were moved during repair.
  2. how? i only sent my dvd room dring the repair. should i open the dvd room?
  3. I'm sorry, I don't understand. You said you took the drive out for repair.
  4. yeah. O.o. i mean, how should i check the jumpers on the dvd?
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  6. hey thanks. i check it. it was moved. thanks fihart
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