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Im changing out my stock processor fan it is slowly dying. Anyhow i bout a universal fan by rocketfish (you can get them from best buy) ive never changed one before but i figured what he hell it cant be that complex right? Anyhow i have an duel core processor by intel. I removed the fan 4 screws the whole black thing came off with the heat sink. I positioned the new one put together the way it was supposed to and it wouldent fit. It s suppose to slide int he holed but mine are like screw holes. When i turn the board over theres like...a bit metal T shaped plate where the screw holes are in. Am i screwed and need something else or is this removable somehow?
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  1. If it doesn't fit, you need to measure the old Intel fan and get an exact duplicate. Or check newegg's open box section and replace the whole heatsink. They start at about $14 shipped.
  2. It sounds to me like you removed the whole heatsink. You will need to get thermal paste like arctic silver 5 etc. before you replace it or your temps will get too high.

    Give more specific information, it's not clear what happened. What exactly did you buy with link? Could you see the processor itself when you removed whatever you removed? What is the exact model of the processor?
  3. Ill try to be more specific sorry :) First off this is my motherboard scroll down to see a picture (unfortunatly it doesent show the backside or the specific fan i have if we need to i can try to take pictures)

    Basically what im trying to do is this. My stock fan is dying so i removed it and the old heatsink so under it i could see the processor. Now i bought a new fan with heatsink to put on it it was a universal one so it sais it was by rocketfish ill link you to it.

    Now the problem was after i removed the stock stuff. I started putting the fan together you have to put some metal on the bottom to get it ready to attach to the motherboard (once again i can do pics if needed) I followed the instructions for the intel. But when i went to get it ready to screw into the said to let it slide (the little screws) into the 4 holes ont he board then from the back of the mobo use the little nuts to tighten it. But on the back of my mobo theres a little metal thing...kind of like a t thats preventing me from doing that and to top it off the screws wont go into the hole...because the holes are screw holes so i can try to screw them in but they wont reach all the way and i can cause the fan blocks a screwdriver. if the holes were normal it would work (the metal t would need to go too)

    So since i couldent get it working i put the old one back on. But i didnt put a new lair of paste since i didnt have it was using what it had. Now my comp is running a bit hot. Not enough to freeze but im sure it needs paste which i bought. But the dying fan isnt helping either im sure.
  4. No one has an idea?
  5. Sorry, I was dealing with a voice mail that took a dump, among other things. It runs in, God help us, OS2 and was a serious pain in the ...

    You need to get a new HS that will attach more easily. There are several to choose from. If you have the clearance the Xigmatek S1283 with the matching backplate is really good. Be sure you have clearance, because it is tall and also make sure you have the proper backplate, there are different ones that fit different models. They also make a 90mm HS that will fit more cases.

    At a minimum you need new TIM on the HS that you removed.
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