Sata II Vs Sata III


I just bought a new mobo with sata III!and know i willing to buy a new hard disk!I was looking for western digiral caviar black!
Now, Sata II vs Sata III! has any difference?Or it is all marketing :fou: ?I would appreciate if you could answer my thread!
Have any difference in perfomance?

thanks for your time
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  1. AKAIK there are NO hard drives that can use the increased speed of SATA III. However, SATA III is ideally suited to SSD's which are REALLY fast (and more expensive). So if you're shopping for WD blacks and worried about SATA II, stop worrying. There are no super-fast blacks about to appear on the market that might exceed the existing SATA II speeds.
  2. For mechanical hard drives like the WD Caviars, SATA II vs. SATA III won't make any difference. The drives only spin so fast, and SATA II is easily more than fast enough to handle them.

    Paperdoc's right - SATA III speeds are really only necessary for the VERY fast SSDs that may be developed over the coming year.
  3. thanks guys!for your time!finally i bought wd caviar black 640 sataII 32 mb buffer!
    I have a raptor 74 gb 10000 rpm!Should i put him in the new system or it will be slower than the wd caviar black????
  4. The 74GB Raptor is a pretty old drive. It might still have better access times than the WD Black drive, but the transfer rates will be slower.

    I think what I'd do in your position is to do a test install of Windows on each drive (without activating it) and see which one seems faster to you.
  5. thank you very mutch
  6. Chris1984, The WD SATA III drives have a 64 MB cache vs 32 MB on the SATA II drives. The heads and platters might be basically the same but I would think the 2X bigger Cache might inprove performanc/xfer rates. Sensible???
  7. Eab that make sense to me on the 2X bigger Cache.

    I also read on Hard Forum, they did a nice USB & 6GB/s tests.
    Sata 6GB/s WD Black w/64mb cache only showed improvement in the Burst peed test!
    So @ least there is a little benefit of WD Black on the new SATA speed!
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