Need a lil more help on $1200+ system build

I have posted a few times the last week trying to get some advice on a build for a gaming rig. I will be playing Warhammer Online mostly, but enjoy lots of other games as well. So far this is the build i have put together with the help of people on this forum so far. If there is anything that wont work, or something I can upgrade for about the same price, let me know. I am not experienced with over clocking either, just FYI. And would a Full tower work better? I left the names of the items off the page, because honestly I'm not sure what part of the information to post, so I did links.

(E8400) CPU:


Hard Drive:



Video Card: (I know this is a big part of my build,still not sure if his is the right one for me.)



Case: (Again, I'm not sure if i want to go for Full size case or not, would like to leave the option open for 2 video cards in the future. And if 2 video cards don't work with this build, please let me know.)

Thanks to shortstuff_mt for the help so far on this build. Thanks to all in advance, I really appreciate the help because I really need it.
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  1. Your build looks really good man. All are great choices.
    If you are planning on overclocking make sure you get an aftermarket heatsink fan.
    Here is a good one:

    Also make sure to get the bracket for it, because its push pins aren't too great:

    That is a great video card, but I would save some money and go for one at stock clocks, because sometimes the overclocked ones have issues...

    The antec 900 should work fine with your build, the only reason to go full tower is if you want to have alot of extra room to easily fit your stuff in. Whereas with a mid tower it might get slightly cramped, which isn't much of a problem especially if you do some cable routing.

    Also your motherboard is great for running 2 graphics cards if you do choose to do that later on.

    Good build man, and happy gaming!
  2. Maybe a P5Q "no xfire" Save almost $100.
    A used Os you have already: Save almost $100
    A 4870 x2 with the money you just saved.
  3. Only problem with using a used OS is that it probably would be 32-bit, and using a 1gb graphics card would take quite a nice chunk out of your usable ram.
  4. Ya but you can always save $100 for a 64bit OS faster then you can save $500 for a new Video card.
  5. True indeed. :)

    I guess it up to the OP whether or not he thinks he'll need the gaming power of a 4870x2 right now or not.

    @OP what resolution are you planning on gaming at?
  6. I'm planning on gaming at least on 1650 x 1020 resolution if possible.
  7. Well you should be perfectly fine with a 4870, and with your board you can always crossfire another later on if you choose you want more performance.
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