What does this mean? DX10 requierments for Newer cards?????

What is the DX10 deal on these new GPU's requirements? I have the old Windows XP 32 bit DX9, will I be able to get a new 9800 GX2 or a any newer card with my old OS?

See what I am talking about here under Direct X. Please let me know what that means.

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  1. That just means those cards can support DX10 features and effects. They'll work perfectly fine with your OS.
  2. DX10 is not that big of a improvement over DX9, maybe in a few games but graphically it's nothing that would make a difference in what you use.
  3. You`ll have no problems, DirectX is backwardly compatable version to version. All you`ll miss is the extra features of DX10 if you stay with XP instead of switching to Vista.
    BTW I`m currently replaying the original Unreal (DX5) under DirectX rendering with no problems graphically (although installation wss a different matter) on a HD4870 and XP Home!
  4. Thanks guys for the help.
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