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Hello,I attempted to load Windows7 (64) oem, went well until the installation was almost complete, when an error message came up saying that the Installation could not be completed, not compatable with hardware. I tried to re-install it and now the hardrive isn't even recognized by the Windows7 software. It says no drives were found, and when I try to load drivers I see the HDD right there but it won't recognize it. Couldn't find anything in the BIOS that could fix it. Any Ideas?
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  1. Is it possible that the install failed due to a hard drive error which has now become worse ?
  2. I suppose. I tried running a HDD repair, and waited for an hour for it to do something. Every minute or so the hard drive would sound like it was about to boot up, and then it would stop, then it would whirr again for a second, then it would stop again. I'm guessing the hard drive might be bad? Or maybe something didn't get loaded that should have been?
  3. To more directly answer the question, yes, that is possible. I have not heard very good things about Seagate hard drives
  4. Try reinstalling Windows (from CD/DVD drive) -- I assume that Win7 (like XP) tests the disk before attempting to install.
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    If you're trying to re-install, a very early step is to look for unused space on a HDD in which to create a new Partition for the installation. But your failed installation probably used up all the space. However, the Partition that exists is useless.

    If you're re-installing, try doing this very early. Look in the Windows Install menus to find the place to Delete any Partition you find. Delete them all, one at a time, if there is more than one. THEN you can start from the empty disk state.

    Now, IF you believe that the HDD has a hardware problem, you might want to do something else first. Either before or after Deleting any Partitions (after might be slightly better), don't re-install. If you can, go to the website of the HDD maker and download their free disk diagnostic utilities. I prefer the version that has you burn your own optical disk to boot from and run its tests. Use that to test the drive completely, noting down any results. If there are problems, the HDD maker's Tech Support guys will want to know the diagnostic test results before they will agree to a warranty replacement. But if there are no hardware problems, you'll be more confident in re-installing to the drive.
  6. The issue has been resolved, and I greatly appreciate all of your input.
    I planned to reformat the drive, but since it was not showing up in the software (and, as you said, the single partition had all been used up), I was unable to do so. I gave up on the hard drive, went to Micro Center, and picked up a new one (WD 500g OEM) for $50. This time I made sure to make partitions, and the install went perfectly. So now I have a 500g Seagate drive that I will either reformat and use in another build, or keep as a secondary hdd. Thanks again, I appreciate you both for taking the time to help me resolve this issue.
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