Choppy/Sluggish but good fps/ping

Im really irritated by this problem for over a year now. Basically, i get 100fps STEADY / 20 ping / 100hz ... BUT theres really noticeable random chops/sluggishness (very noticeable especially in competitive fps: quake 3, q4, cs 1.6). Its not a virus/spyware that kind of deal (ive reformated many times and tried it fresh) or net-related (ive tried against bots offline). In cs 1.6, the game feels choppy and slow, and the recoil is terrible, even offline its noticeable. When i spectate people, they also look choppy (client sided; i see them choppy, theyre not actually choppy). In quake series, the game is choppy and tears some as well. The shots feel very "lagged" and delayed as if i had 200 ping.

I've been gaming and been around computers for over 7 years now ... so i've pretty much tried all the common fixes. This is all i can remember right now

.changed many video settings (anti aliasing, performance, quality, threaded optim, etc etc)
.drivers (ive tried over 15 drivers : nvidia, ngo, dna, 80's, 90's 100's, etc)
.updated bios/chipset
.messed with refresh rate
.tried different video card (This happens on my brothers 7600gs, as well as MY 7600gs, and also on a mx420)
.checked cpu/gpu temps (cpu : 45 load, gpu: 60 load)
.messed with bios settings
.virtual memory
.reformated countless times
.dual core hotfix / affinity force one core

Thats all i can remember for now, anyone have any ideas?

win xp pro sp3
e6300 duo core
ax400-pn FORTRON
PNY 7600gs 512mb / geforce 4 mx420
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  1. Consider upgrading to a faster and newer generation of gpu imo
  2. Why? I run 100fps with BOTH cards. Counter strike isnt a very demanding game, neither is quake3. Q4 is debateable with my 7600gs but the fact that theres a problem with choppyness shouldnt be ignored.

    Unless you're saying dual cores require better cards which dont make sense
  3. Nope not saying that all, just my 2 cents
  4. Very well then

    Anybody actually got HELPFUL ideas?
  5. How much ram do you have and what speed is it?

    I had a problem like that when i ran a 4800 x2 939 slot 4 gigs of ram at 433mhz and a 8800gtx on win xp but only in a couple of games.
    I'm sure now that it was the ram wasn't fast enough.
  6. My thoughts exactly, CRASH27. XP needs at least 2Gb to game well although speed is a tiny issue.
    Also, check Task Manager and disable any CPU/memory intensive processes.
    Reset the BIOS to `standard` and use GPU-Z to make sure your PCI-E slot is running at full X16 speed and the 7600 is running up to spec.
  7. Ihope you still don't have that mx420 still on the system, that my be your problem. Driver conflict between video cards.
  8. the more u OC the more it gets choppy (or it seems 2 for me lol) so if you are OCin alot lower them
  9. What are you using to find the FPS? That sounds like its a processor issue though, like the processor isn't giving the GPU enough information to make everything run smooth, but even an Atom processor is overkill for CS, so I really doubt that that is your issue. Its possible that your hard drives aren't fast enough, but that, again is unlikely with games that demand so little.
    Its most likely a bad PSU, providing inconsistent voltage to your processor, so try swapping out with the PSU from your brothers computer.
  10. He has reformatted the entire harddrive, and started from scratch, not the problem.
  11. lol, no, but if he installed his games immediately after windows, the fragmentation would be negligible if it in fact existed.
  12. He never even mentions what kind of power supply he has, and they are all too often the reason for poor performance.
  13. I highly doubt that a defragged drive would help anyways. I would help on loading times, but it isn't accessed in game.
  14. Hmm.. thanks for the replies. After monsta's unhelpful advice, i thought i was wasting my time on this forum but i guess there are insightful people here.

    Yeah sry, i forgot to say i have 2x512 CORSAIR xms2 @ 675mhz (pc 5400 i think). Theyre pretty good

    e6300 is STOCK idling at 38 and load to 46-47ish.

    xNEM3S1Sx: I've been thinking its my processor for the longest time, ive ruled out many of the other hardwares. GPU, ive tried 3 different cards (7600gs pny, 7600gs evga, mx420). Software? Not. Ive reformated over 14 times now and kept things in check. The only thing that i think its causing this, IT HAS TO BE THE cpu. PSU powers the cpu so that might be the culprit as well. Actually though, in my bios screen, the voltage for 3.3V says "FAIL". This started happening about a week ago, after i took my computer apart and put it back together. The most mind boggling thing about this is.. ITS happening on my brothers computer too and he runs a completely different setup (amd x2). Unless we're both having the same coincidence of having a bad psu.. i dont know.

    habitat87: About the fragmentation after installing, i actually thought of that.. and ALSO tried it i believe. But i really doubt this is case, REALLY doubt. I mean for EVERY one of my fps games? Cmon. Theres something bigger at work here

    coozie7: I've played around with bios many times, obviously tried using "optimal, fail-safe" and other settings. Didnt work. As for the pci-e speed, i wouldnt know. My 7600gs fried but havent checked before that.

    On a further note, over this year and half ive had this pc, nothing ive done has ever made it "normal".. EXCEPT when a few days ago i installed vista.
  15. If 100fps steady is a given, then the only logical explanation has to be a mouse problem? Do you share the mouse/driver package between the two machines? Are you setting the pointer resolution beyond what the mouse is capable of?

    Uninstall all drivers for mouse, install just the basic minimum for mouse functionality (XP autodetects USB mice), reset pointer resolution to default (center of slider), see if you still get the choppiness.
  16. Sheesh some people are sensitive.LOL!
  17. wr: We dont use mouse drivers, only windows / chipset usb drivers.
    Pointer is in the middle.

    Ive actually wondered if it was the mouse too. I had it fixed for a few hours one day, after messing with mouse drivers from chipset. Could've been coincidence.
  18. i've got a choppy/ laggy experience myself with my pc.

    it happens when playing cod4. but i think it's because of my single core. my fps is 70 constant and ping is under 50 but i get lagg. so it has to be my cpu. maybe you hae to much background processes?
  19. Fragmantation only leads to minimal lostt of speed; thats not the problem here.

    It sounds to me like the GFX card is the issue here.
  20. Sorry to revive an old thread but i think i might have finally found the solution.

    Story is, i messed up my windows registry a few days ago and i did a windows repair without deleting anything, just a fresh windows re-install. I noticed that the bullets now shot very smooth and fast (in any given fps game). Later i install my chipset/usb 2.0 drivers and kablam gone. I actually fixed it one time a long time ago, messing with usb drivers as well. So i rebooted into bios and there were two USB options. One was to enable EHCI (usb 2.0) controller which was on enable. The other option was called "USB MOUSE (enable if you have usb mouse installed). I never paid any attention to this because bios default sets it to off.

    So far, the bullets is fixed, as far as the choppyness, i still get some graphical chops, but the games PLAY normal now.
  21. Woodfly ur a genius. Thx so much for being persistent and figuring this thing out. I had this problem for a long time and it was making me feel frustrated when playing games. Thx a lot! Im gonna try to find other people with this problem and spread the good word!
  22. hi man first of all i'm sorry for my english .... it's fucked up... hope you understand me
    i have use to have the same problem and i bang my head for buying new laptop and old game like CS 1.6 runs poor
    all the newest games run smooth as hell but CS 1.6 Choppy and mouse movement suxzzz
    and so i try all the stuff from 100 forums and nothing hepls CS 1.6 choppy bad recoil
    i have Dell inspiron 15 3521 i5 6GB off RAM 2 graphics card AMD RADEON HD 7670m 1GB and integrated intel HD 4000
    i make my CS in configure switchable graphics on high preformance and it's choppy.....
    so i switch from 32 bits to 16 bits and the choppynes is gone i play on my AMD RADEON 100FPS stays like a screenshot and recoil is OK
    i'm not sure if this helps you but it helps me .....

    Graphics Properties:
    Vsync off ...... other stuff on use application settings
    Counter Strike console config:
    m_filter 0
    Counter Strike Graphics Config:
    16 bit
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