Ati overdrive not working all blocked?

hi i have managed to find ati overdrive and it shows
gpu clock 750 - (min and max - 507 - 800)
memory clock 900 - (min and max 500-1000)

and fan speed on 27%

i want to increase my fan speed as it is shows 64 degress idle
and also i want to increase my current clock values?

how can i do this?

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  1. You have to click on the lock icon. It's in the Overdrive window.
  2. Dude, relax on the Double Posts :non:
    If you keep double posting, everyone is going to start ignoring your threads...

    You can locate tons of information on this using Google, I would recommend starting there in the future.
    As stated above, click on the lock icon to unlock the overclocking features.
  3. cheers done it ok sorry
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