Selling HP Laptop, Can I Use A Disk Wiper?

Hi all,

I'm about to sell my HP TX2500 tablet laptop. I have a cd disc that restores the hard drive to its factory settings. There is a partition on the laptop hard drive for restore data. Is this data used during a restore session? I was wondering that if I use a disc wiping tool on this hard drive to erase *everything*, would the restore disc work correctly?

Does anyone know or do I have to wade through the HP techs to find someone who could actually help me with this? ;)

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  1. If you wipe the entire HDD, there will be no data left, including the hidden partition for restoring the computer to its original condition. You could restore the machine to its original condition and then fill the remaining space with large files, like DVDs, and then send all of those to the Recycle Bin (then empty the recycle bin). That leaves your machine in "new" condition, with all your data gone. If you re-filled the C drive again with large files, and deleted them......well eventually no one would ever be able to recover your data.
  2. If the recovery disc is a couple of Gigs on a DVD rom i guess it has the OS on it and dosent need the reboot partition

    that partition is used when user has no recovery disc.

    try wiping the HDD with 3 or more passes and then use your installation disk to install the OS with factory settings
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