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I have a Foxconn G33M02 mobo with the Core 2 Duo E4500 @ 2.2Ghz CPU and 4GB of Kingston PC-6400 DDR2 rated at 800Mhz. The problem is that my RAM modules are only running at 332Mhz. There is no option to change the speed of the RAM in my BIOS. What might be keeping my RAM from performing faster? I also have a GeForce 9600GT 512MB DDR 3 installed, if that would be affecting my RAM performance.
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  1. Could be the motherboard. Some older Intel boards did the same thing when all 4 dimm slots were used. Fry's.com had 2x2gb crucial pc6400 for $35.99 before $20 rebate this morning, but they may be gone by now.
  2. I figured it might just be the motherboard, but at this point to replace it wouldn't be worth the hassle. The system is fast enough to handle anything I might want to use it for. I would only consider upgrading the mobo if I committed to getting into some serious gaming, which the Dell Inspiron 530s case just isn't suited to. I was hoping there was a way to change the speed without buying new parts or trying to overclock the RAM. With such a small case, overclocking isn't and option either. It doesn't really allow for the kind of cooling upgrades I'd need. Thanks anyway.
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