Need opinions/critique 2k gaming rig

Hey this is my first custom build any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Antec twelve hundred steel case


EVGA nvidia nforce 780i

Video card:

EVGA nvidia geforce 9800 GTX+ 512mb


Intel core 2 duo 3.16Ghz


Seagate 1.5TB 7200 rpm


Kingston 2gb ddr2 800 x4


Antec 850 watt

dvd drives:


Artic cooling freezer 7


Vista ultimate

The case and HD are bundled together and so is the video card and the psu. The total comes to $1795 before taxes and shipping.

I would just like to know did I pick good components?, will everything be compatible?, and am I missing anything that i may need?

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  1. Should be a nice build Crazy. If I was thinking of building right now with this kind of budget, I'd seriously consider holding off for a few weeks until we get a better idea on the retail pricing for the new i7 chips and x58 motherboards.
    Other than that the only thing I would change would be the Freezer 7, and that's only because I would rather have to muck around with mounting brackets than have to rely on the push pin style mounts....just hate those things..:-)
  2. I agree with random_2 for the waiting part.
    Is there a specific reason you are going for the 780i motherboard apart from sli?
    You can just as easily get any other chipset and equivalent Ati gpu and crossfire as I believe it will be more reliable and somewhat cheaper.
  3. I agree that you should wait, but if you do decide to build now i would look into

    - Getting an Intel chipset (p45 or x38/48)
    -Ati 4850 (possibility of crossfire later)
  4. I guess i will wait a month or two and see what happens with the new chips and boards that are coming out, thanks for the heads up and the suggestions.
  5. Can't wait for the nukes to fly buddy... Mnerd lol
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