Iomega 1TB wont format

Hi All

am having a serious problem with a new hard drive 1TB

i cant format it it as the mbr's seem to be corrupt. Its reading in windows as a raw file, and windows wont format it.

mac wont read it or mount it.

some recovery tools want to take 250 Hrs ! to do a quick scan on it.

not too worried anymore about files on it but would like to get it formated so i can at least use it again.

any help welcome

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  1. Using Windows Disk Management in the lower right pane, I suggest you Delete any and all Partitions found on this HDD unit, then reboot. Go back into Disk Management and Create one (or more - your choice) new Primary Partition, then format that. This sequence should re-write the MBR and Partition Table; I would hope that makes the Partition data good so the Format can be done.
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