Installing IDE hard drive into SATA system - quick question

Hi. I bought a new PC and I'm moving an IDE hard drive over from my old PC. I didn't realise that the data and power cables used have all changed to SATA now, so I need to buy adaptors to fit it in. I just wanted to check that I'd identified the right adaptors before I ordered them.

So, I think I need one of these IDE Drive to SATA Converters to plug into the hard drive's IDE port. The LP4 power cable with it will plug into the hard drive and the converter, leaving the male end free. It also comes with the SATA data cable that I'll need for connecting to the motherboard.

Then to attach the male LP4 end to the PC's SATA power cable, I need one of these - Startech LP4 To SATA.

Have I got that right?

Thanks for reading and for any advice.
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  1. Those connectors look right to me; should be an easy switch over. On another note, if you do not plan on using the drive for the OS or programs, have you considered buying an IDE enclosure and just rig it up via USB, esata, etc...?
  2. Thanks for the reply. I do plan to use my old drive for programs - it's 250 gb while the new one is 500 gb. I'll probably leave some older stuff on it, but transfer things I use regularly.

    Anyway, I've bought the two items for £9.08 which wasn't bad. I appreciate your advice - I didn't know anything about this until yesterday, so it's good to get a second opinion.
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