Make replacement mobo driver disk w/express recovery2

I need to create a bootable mobo disk using the 'express recovery2' exe file from the GB website. When I download it, it shows up as a .exe, which I didn't think was an image, but I've tried directly burning it to disk, and changing the extension to .iso and burning it as an image, but no worky. I know there is a difference between burning to cd and making a disk bootable from an image file, i just can't seem to get this exe file to work as a bootable image. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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  1. If it's a .exe file, you're supposed to run it (no matter what the likely incomplete documentation says).
  2. Just a note for you: YOU CAN'T BOOT from a .exe file simply burned to a CD/DVD. That's his point. You need a "Bootable Disk" Before you can boot to the disk to run the .exe file.
    I'm having the same problem by-the-way.
    Some have said you can boot to the Mobo disk (Hmmm) maybe. I'm at work now, just thinking about it.
  3. After-thought: My build is not 3 weeks old yet, Thinking of a complete new install before things get to big. In the process changing to AHCI instead of IDE. Then install Xpress RC2 during initial install. Setting aside maybe 100GB unallocated.
    Yes I know there is a Registy tweak to change IDE to AHCI. But I don't trust that yet.
    "Waste" let me know if you find a solution to the X-RC2 issue, as will I.
  4. Ok..I got it. After re-checking the website, it says change BIOS to boot from CD/DVD exit and save, insert Gigabyte Utilities disk, select Boot from CD/DVD when given the option and install. I didn't see that the first time. SO..the utilities disk must be bootable.
    Of course hitting F12 during boot will also give you the "boot from option", but I will try their method when I get off work. (next week) I work 12hr shifts -7 in a row then I will try on my 7 days off.
    It does not say to set aside a "unallocated " partition in those instructions, but I think I will anyway, you can always extend the primary partition later if X-RC 2 doesnt use it.
  5. After re-reading the Website on XR2, it says to change Bios to Boot CD/DVD , insert mobo utilities disk. OK..I guess it may be bootable..We will see.
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