€800 gaming system - a few questions

- What would be the best deal, a Sapphire 4850 for €137, a Club3D OC 4870 512MB for €209, or a Sapphire 4870 1GB TOXIC (meaning it's overclocked right out of the box) for €266? I have a 17'' 1280x1024 monitor. I want my new system to last a while before I have to upgrade it. Does the longevity of the 4870 justify the price difference with the 4850?

- Is a 520W CoolerMaster PSU and a case with 1x120mm fan sufficient when I have an overclocked E8400 and one of the aforementioned graphics cards?

- I was planning to get either the Cooler Master Centurion 5 or the Antec Three Hundred, but I have to move my PC twice a week. Are those cases durable enough? It's also important that the case is silent and expandable.

I've composed the following system:
Any general comments/suggestions?
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  1. Im no expert on the matter and i dont know what card do you have now but if max res is 1280x1024 than I say that theres no point in paying through the nose for a card that wont even be tested at this resolution. As for the psu than Ive got e5200 @ 3.32ghz + 2gb ram, sapphire 4850 + 2 sata hdds + 1 case fan on Coolermaster 460w and everything is runnin cool and stable as a rock on asus p5q pro.
  2. 4870 is extreme overkill at anything below 1600x1200. Even if you plan on getting atleast a 22" monitor a 4850 should be enough for you.
    For your resolutions I would recommend something cheap and efficient like the 8800gt. If you plan on getting a >22"( ie 1600x1200) monitor then go for 4850 or for >24"(ie 1920x1080) go for 4870/ gtx260.

    Other than that its a pretty decent build.

    I am a big fan of the Antec 900, its pretty roomy and has good airflow but your case should suffice.
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