Bluray burner or Bluray player?

I'm trying to decide whether to get a Bluray burner or player w/ external harddrive. Here is what I'm trying to base my decision off of.

Bluray Burner
+ Can share the entertainment with friends / family
+ Don't have to worry about a disc dying on you
- Have to sort through discs to find a title
- Not digital
- Not going to fill whole disc (wasted space on disc)
- Have to keep buying media

Bluray Player + External Harddrive
+ Easy to find titles
+ Easy to carry around
+ More GB used for storing (no wasted space like a disc)
+ Can delete files to make room for newer
- Less compatible with hardware (couldn't bring it over to a friends house to watch)
- Hard drives eventually die

It's a really tough decision. Anyone that has experience with either of these setups your feedback would be awesome.
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    Dual layered DVD would be just as good for your purposes by the sounds of it.

    For the above, go for the player and HDD, bluray disks are expensive atm, and so are the burners, wait at least a year or so and theyll come down in price and also theyll be more main stream instead of enthusiast part
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