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Hi! I have an emachines t4010, today i changed the processor Celeron D to a pentium 4 3.06 with HT, and my sound is too low to hear. It is still audible, but you have to put it all the way up to barely get whispers. I have already tried all troubleshooting. Also i took the motherboard out, and we reconnected everything back in the right place. The sound is integrated to the mother board. I have made the assumption it might be the power supply but would like to hear any suggestions. Thank you
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  1. Are you sure that this processor runs on that board? Is it listed as compatible on the manufacturer's website?
    No, not the power supply.
    Most likely you did not connect the audio correctly when you put the board back in. Even though you think you did. Download the full motherboard manual from the manufacturer's website and check the audio connections again. But it may not be...
    A. double click your speaker icon, in the lower right hand of the desktop, this should bring up the mixer or audio software. Check ALL the settings carefully at the mixer, audio levels, speaker configuration, muting, etc...Single click the speaker icon and this should bring up a master volume control.
    B. Delete audio drivers and reinstall the latest audio drivers. Download the latest drivers from the motherboard manufacturers website.
    C. Your speakers are plugged into the GREEN jack, right? Try plugging them into the headphone jack on the front of the computer. (if you have a headphone jack)
    D. Run the repair install of XP using the microsoft install CD. This does not erase your personal stuff, but what it will do is configure the new processor to run the hardware in your system. The directions for a repair are located in this forum, sixth post from the top.
  2. Hi, thanks for the reply.
    The audio is built-in to the mother board. I tried the front one too and the front one won't work at all. As far as the back, yes it is in the green one. I do hear sound but i have to put it on max to hear a faint noise and i am able to tell it is from the computer. The speakers are fine I already tested them out too.
    I have also updated all the drivers, and have made sure that its not any of the mute settings from the Volume control.
    And well everything runs fine with the processor.
    Is it actually possible that the processor can mess around with the sound?
  3. Doubtful. Did you make sure your Wave volume was also turned up and not muted?
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