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hi to all
I've got a qx6850 extreme CPU from Intel
I've got the "sensors view" to watch the CPU temperature and as i can see it it's always 60-63 degree Celsius at idle while playing games it's 70 and when playing brothers in arms hell's highway it's 72 and i can hear the cpu fan speeding up trying to cool down the processor anyway i checked the temperature of the CPU as well in the bios and it's 25 degree Celsius such a big difference i think the first temperature is the right one and if it is is that safe temperature if not what I'm supposed to do in the bios i disabled the fan control speed and as soon i pressed yes to apply the change i could hear the fan speeding it's too loud and windows load up i checked the temperature it was 56 and the fan speed is like 4000 rpm i went back to bios to set the default settings but b4 i do it i checked the CPU temp in the bios and it was 33 :) so in the bios with default settings the CPU temp is 25 with speeding the fan it's 33 :) dats funny but with sensors view with default settings(fan speed 1000 Rpm) it's 60 idle with speeding up the fan (4000 rpm ) its 56 !!!! what do u guys should i change the CPU fan it's only 6 month old should i take back to intel for replacements
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  1. Check the push pins on the heatsink to be sure they haven't come loose.

    Check the core temps with Core Temp. If they are still high get a heatsink with a backplate.
  2. Also check the heat sink is still seated properly and the thermal paste or tape is ok.
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